dhollis51  wrote:    Opening day thunder

Well i started out this morning at my spot where i heard several birds gobbling yesterday afternoon. i was there at 5:45 and ready. well they started right after 2 yotes were howling and that woke the woods up this am. i heard more birds gobbling this morning than i have ever heard. I set up bout 100 +- yards from where i heard 2 last night and they hit the ground and went silent just like all the other birds. so o moved to another plot where i have some pics of ol tom. I set my decoy up and sat down to see what happens and look up and see 8 hens hot tailing it the other way so i decide to go grab the decoy and put it up but didnt make it to it before i see a jake about 80 yards from me up a cut. So im out in the open but behind 3 big pine trees so i just lay down and peek out around the trees. next thing i see is 4 longbeards chasing the jake off. they stop and enter the woods so i get up and go back to my seat/tree. I yelp at them and they dont awnser, but are heading down the walk in trail and i decided to shoot the first one that came in range but the second one was bigger :) . they were 35 steps away and i let him have it and he dropped in its spot. The other 3 just stood there and looked at him trying to figure out whats going on and 10 mins later the slowly walk away. so i went to get my bird and they were coming back to him. He had a 10" beard and 3/4" spurs
This is my first opening day kill so now the pressure is off. now to hit the limit