Shaneb  wrote:    Triple Beard

What a morning. Got to the woods and 7 trucks parked within 500 yard stretch where I heard 1 yesterday. Went to 2 other places and trucks. Went to a 4th place and no one there. Heard him gobble at 720. Got in there to an opening and set up. Soft calls with my magnolia game call slate and 3 cut me off. 4 more soft calls and 15 minutes later I was looking at all 3 birds. They came running. 3 beards, 9", 6.5", and 2". 15/16 spurs, 19lbs. Only my second opening morning bird ever. Good luck to the rest of the teams. Oh by the way kids had to have a pic with daddys bird. Hope these pics will do for comp. I can only load with my phone so all pics are from it. Good luck guys.