silver99  wrote:    Big 12

I got this 12 point on 12/3/2011. To make a long story short, I missed about a 130-140 inch buck @ 200 yards about 30 minutes before shooting this one. Missed him twice with the 45-70!!! He stood there making a scrape after the 1st and 2nd shots and finally realized his hot doe had run off so he followed. He was with this 12 and 2 does. I was down and out and texting my wife about missing the biggest deer I've seen in 34 years. In between texts I hit the can call and grunt tube. Here this guy came running straight down the creek from the direction the other deer had run looking for the action. I nearly dropped my phone because I didn't expect this to happen so fast. I grunted with my mouth to stop him and took the shot. He acted like he didnt care, kept looking for the doe and began to run for her again. Then he stopped, got wobbly legs and fell over right under the stand. This all happened so fast I'm still pumped about it.

He's not the biggest buck in the woods but he's mine!