sjmiller  wrote:    Team Cross Eyed pics


First gator caught around 4:00 sat. afternoon. This one was 4'-2" and we threw him back after a few pics.

2nd Gator of the night, caught around 8:40pm. She ended up weighing 198 on our personal scales, she is missing her front left leg and from her eyes to her nose she measured 11" overall she was 9'-6". She is also missing a couple of teeth, 2 on top and one on bottom(pictured) have makes on the side of the boat for proof! :O) Had her caught and killed within 30 min of spotting her!

At around 2:30am we finally spotted the smaller one (5'-9 1/2") was a male and he was on a suicide mission. The guys threw at him for over 45 min and he would just swim about 3' and still be above water taunting them. Ended up breaking the handle off one reel and the other reel's drag wouldn't catch for nothing. Finally got the one reel to catch by cramming his finger in the reel and snatching and luckly got him to the boat, could tell he was legal and we went home! We had a blast all night but that is the worst trip we have ever had on the Goula, there were hardly NO gators anywhere. We did see lots of hatchlings and around 1'to2'ers but other than the ones we caught we probably saw 4 gators that were 4' all night long.

Here are our gator sexers....... They thought it was the coolest thing and they told us what they were and after we checked them ourselves the kiddos were actually correct! :)