crenshawco  wrote:    11'4" 391 lbs

After a tough Pearl hunt last weekend where we burned two tags, we were able to make up for it this weekend in Pascagoula. We moved on this gator trying to get in position for a cast for probably over an hour. We never realized how big he was because we never really got a good look at him until we brought him to the surface for the first time. The fight lasted probably about an hour or hour and a half. We got multiple hooks in him and had hooks come out 5-6 times, but luckily we always had at least 1 hook hang on. We may have never gotten him off the bottom without a handline. We finally wore him down though and got him up to the boat and controlled for a good shot. We decided to rush him to the weigh station because we wanted to get a weight on him and passed up on our smaller tag. We actually had caught a 4.5 footer earlier in the night and let him go unfortunately. Oh well, it was a heck of a trip and we all had a blast. Thanks again Stump for your help.