cw  wrote:    Bolivar County gator

Gatorman, my mentor, and I had a great Saturday afternoon. I found this one on private land in Bolivar County where I have some tags. Gatorman and I hooked in and held on for about an hour before Gatorman put a hand line snag hook into him, and he took off. It felt like we were on water skis! He pulled us around a while and then started rolling and sealed the deal. When we put the snare (thanks RLN) on him, he didn't like that either and all of the thrashing nearly rolled us a couple of times, but we held on and he gave up. Bang stick to the head and then the real work began. Almost 2 hours from start to finish.

Ya'll check out Gatorman's new boat on the trailer...a 12 foot jonboat with 1 and a half paddles! Gator taped 11'2".