Harryj  wrote:    Pearl gator hunt 2011, with pics... Team Chaos!

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ThumpUp Yet another pearl river gator season has come to a close for Team Chaos... This year we were blessed with a tag for each night and furthermore by the, umm, lets just say highly "controversial" schedule shift. (sure to get ripped by someone for just mentioning it, oh well, all I can say is just be glad ya get to play and get over it! nuff said) Anyways, had a GREAT first day, 10'-6 and 6'-8, (pics below) and a horrendous second, 0'-0 and 0'-0..ThumbDown (pics also below, these will be the ones of the sky and the crew and the birds and the, well, everything but a gator! lol..) The ol Rez never fails. Just when ya thought u had it, she will hurt ur feelings! Hope all had as much fun as we did and thanks to all our "guys in green" for all of there tremendous conservation efforts! Headed to goula next weekend.. Much needed redemption is on the menu! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!! will post more pics later.. iPhone was all iHad since iForgot the camera!