BigOrange  wrote:    Triple beard turkey

My 9 yr old nephew, Hunter, from TN came down and hunted opening morning with was to be his first turkey hunt. I'm blessed to have private land options, but my favorite spot happens to be on public land so that is where we headed to. With no flashlights, he was anxious at first about the possibly of encountering alligators in the swamp bottom we were to hunt, this fear put into his head by my brother . After convincing him otherwise, we headed to the listening spot with time to spare. No roost gobbles heard, so we just set up right there.

Flydown time came and we heard 2 turkeys 100 yards to our west flydown. Moments later Hunter heard his first wild turkey gobble. We got down to business. He got in a position such that he could cover the most area of the likely approach routes and I let out a series of soft yelps on my Magnolia Games Calls slate. Nothing. A minute later I scratched the leaves...GOBBLE!! A couple minutes passed and I yelp softly again. Delayed gobble that time and closer. Gun comes up. A couple more minutes pass and then I see a gobbler head 25 yards away at the 2:00 position to Hunter. Then another gobbler appeared, both in full strut and without hens. They had outflanked us. Hunter being right-handed, he had to reposition to get his gun lined up and the gobblers went on full alert at the movement. I was to Hunter's left, on the back side of the tree away from the gobblers. Heads erect, the gobblers started to leave and the clock started ticking. I was able to cover one of the gobblers from the backside of the tree and I waited for Hunter to shoot...and waited and waited...finally they got too far for his 20 ga and afer waiting to the very last moment, I touched off the Benelli, the gobbler crumpled at 45 yards.

1" spurs, 9", 4", 5 1/2" beards.

Hunter was disappointed but at the same time was excited about being involved in a hunt like that. I asked him if he'd rather been in on a hunt like you see on T.V. with a decoy in a field situation or if he'd rather be on a Mississippi swamp bird hunt like the one we had just had. His response was the one I was wanting to hear.

Even if he is afraid of our alligators..