DocHolliday  wrote:    I found your suicidal 2 yr old turkey!

Runnin' late despite the best hatched plans, I got into a secluded little food plot and set up just as he let loose for the first time. We're in biddness! He gobbled his fool head off. He gobbled at owls. He gobbled at crows, He gobbled at wood ducks. He gobbled at cardinals. He gobbled at me. He even gobbled at himself a time or two! Next thing I know, I can hear/feel him drumming over my left shoulder. Then he gobbles at about ten steps behind me! After I colle t my hat and clean my drawer, so to speak, I slip the safety off my little 20 ga double. He eases out into the plot strutting and spitting and drumming. 6:50 pull trigger. Time to drink coffee. Great morning! Thank you Lord for allowing me to enjoy it.