3bailey3  wrote:    Turkey - Missed

It was I great morning that God made for us today. called a buddy last night and he said him and me and one other buddy would be at our camp and he knew where 2 birds had been gobbling, we met and went to his spot, I was just tagging along because he had the birds located. while what was 2 birds turned in two five but the two were the ones gobblin the most. when we got to them to set up, they were gobblin every step. then we heard the worst sound ever under there tree, sounded like a bobcat had caught a rabbit and it was squealing loud and shut up the whole woods, we moved to what we thought would be the escape route but we were wrong. on the way out the other way around buddy cutt on his box and one hammered right in front of us we all three set up aganist a huge pine, set up buddy to shoot down the road he was on, i got on the back side of the tree. buddy hit him again with the box and he trippled gobbled and then a jake started yelpin right out in front of me, he came to the back of the tree and was dragging two long beards with him, one in full strut as he walked in. at bout 40 yard in front of me i took the shot, i saw the bird i thought i had it on jump in the air and run off with his two buddies, my heart sank, my buddy leaned around the tree and said what happened and i said i missed and he said Bailey its ok and was pattin me on the shoulder and then he saw the bird laying dead right where i had shot him. nice two year old and a great morning in Gods playground..