beauhunt  wrote:    Turkey - Boom....Crazy how it comes together sometimes

Got to the turkey woods about 6:30 this am. I figured I'd go back to my honey hole to see if I could draw the gobblers I heard yesterday that were about 500 yards from my property line. I usually wait for the birds to gobble on their own but after sitting there for about 30 minutes without hearing a peep, I decided to do some soft yelping and see if I could get a response. Nothing happened. I didn't even think I may have heard one, dead silence. So I decided to walk to where I've had success before which is about 400 yards from where I started out all the while doing the ole walking, calling and sitting. Still nothing. So after I walked to my other sopts I decided to just sit and enjoy nature and do a little surfing on the web from my phone. I was actually reading about KP's youngin killing the Louisiana bird when a crow flies overhead and struck a gobbler. He was close, real close. The problem was that I really couldn't tell which direction he was in. Without knowing exactly where he was I didn't want to call to reveal my location just yet. Finally my impatience set in after 5 or 10 minutes I decided to give some yelps to see where he was. He hollared directly behind me. So I got turned around on my knees propped my gun and was ready. There he was coming in a half strut angling to my right, I then dropped the hammer on him.
As I mentioned, it's crazy how some hunts turn out.