deerhunt1988  wrote:    Turkey - Tricked him with my trumpet...

After much debate last night, I finally settled on a spot for the morning where I believed I would have the least chance of interaction with other hunters. I knew the chance was still likely considering the crowd around here this weekend, but I hoped for the best. I hadn't scouted or listened at the spot this year, but have had luck there the past 2 seasons around the first of April.

I arrived at my listening spot around 6:35 and just a few minutes later I heard the first gobble. I was somewhat surprised as the gobbling has been sparse around here. I closed the distance to about 200 yards and the bird was gobbling every minute or two. I had heard a hen tree yelp while walking but wasn't sure where she was. I couldn't get any closer due to the open woods but knew I had a good setup. In past seasons when a gobbler has been roosted at that spot, he generally made his way the direction I was setup at some point during the morning. I got a big swig of water before setting up as I had discovered within the past week and a half that I can't use my trumpet well with a dry mouth and lips. I got out my strutnrut trumpet and Tenth Legion slate and set them both beside me.

The bird was gobbling good, too much as a matter of a fact. I expected to hear the god awful sound of an owl or crow call any minute. As it got closer to fly down time I let out a few soft tree yelps on my trumpet. I had missed the second note of the two yelps but it still sounded halfway reasonable. The gobbler didn't respond and went quite for a few minutes. In the back of my mind I knew he had to hear me but then again he didn't respond so I questioned if he did. He started back gobbling and I reckon gobbled facing away from me twice in a row as I wasn't sure if he had flown down or not. I let out three more of the softest tree yelps I could manage and nailed it perfectly. Once again the bird got quite for a few minutes so I was positive I had gotten his attention. He cranked back up after 3 or 4 minutes and I gave a fly down with my cap. Once again, he got silent. About 2-3 minutes later I hear him pitch out and watch as he materializes into view, heading right to me. THUD! He lands about 45 yards away behind a tree, perfect for me to move my gun a bit to the right and bare down. He starts spitting and drumming and it absolutely drove me up the wall not being able to see him. It felt like my heart was in my throat, and then I heard another turkey pitch out and land behind me to my left. The excitement escalated as I assumed it was the hen I heard but was not sure. After about 2 minutes, but what seemed like an eternity, the 2 year old gobbler finally eases out behind the tree about 40 yards from me. And that was all she wrote.

My main goal this season was to call in a bird only using this trumpet. For the past 3 weeks I have been practicing daily. I am absolutely tickled to death to be fortunate enough to harvest one with it on only the second day of the season. I believe it will be the downfall of many gobblers in the future.