Bowhunt1  wrote:    Mathews Q2 - still gets it done

Broke the bow out the day after Christmas. On the way to the stand I pulled the card on my camera, climbed my tree got settled in. Snow was falling hard. I was going through the pictures on the card with my digital camera when I heard a deer running towards me. It was just breaking daylight and I did not see the deer until it walked under my stand. I tried to stand up but the clip on my pocketknife was hung on the pin on my ol man stand. struggle to get it untangled and stand up grab my bow without spooking the deer. It was 6:40 and I could not tell what the deer was. He stopped in a logging road and was looking around. When he turned his head I could see a long beam and recognized it from the trail camera pictures. He was facing straight away from me, and about to leave so I took the shot that I had. Shot looked good and he ran off, I did not hear him fall and was worried about shooting in to the top of his back so I waited about 45 minutes before climbing down. Picked up the blood trail and found him a few minutes later. He had fallen just out of sight behind a tree.

My best bow buck. 8pts, 19" wide
trail cam

where if found him