DUCK-HUNT  wrote:    BOW BUCK 10pt 12-28-2010

Who ever said it was killed on public land ?? About as far away from public land as possible!!

Well this whole thing almost never happened... Tuesday morning we where a little late getting up so we decided to make that morning a scouting expedition. After scouting for a few hours and finding from fresh sign and some really fresh buck sign plans where to come back and hang some lock ons for the next weekend since the weather was going to turn back off cold. We head back to the camp grab some lunch and try to dry my boots out since I had gotten wet trying to get across some water to the HOT SPOT. About 230 we are still sitting around and I am debating on heading back since I have to be at work Wednesday to get some things done for a meeting Thursday. My brother talks me into staying since he came with me. We both agree that we are going to shoot a doe if we see one for some camp meat. I head toward the area where we saw the fresh sign that morning but not as far in as I would like since it is getting late. I pick a tree that is 100 yds north of one thicket and about 30 yards to the north of another... 2 really good trails to the south of me coming around the closest thicket heading toward/from the other... Good looking spot, feel good about the afternoon only concern was once I get in the tree a faint trail can be seen to the North of me and I got a south wind... Oh well give up one and get 2, things seem good... 345 some dude comes in to the south of me about 400 yds but continues on... I am not real happy about this so I am thinking about getting down since all of his scent just blew into the thicket I am hunting... FYI I AM A SCENT CONTROL FREAK!!! If it really works or not I dont know but I think it does so I go with it... My dad talks me out of it so I stay put... 10 minutes pass by and I hear all kind of commotion out of the furthest south thicket... catch a glimpse of 2 rack bucks squaring off, a small 6 and a decent 7, the 6 runs the 7 off and then all of a sudden the woods are full of deer running, grunting, snort weezing, just mad craziness all around me. It was a 6 pt, 7pt, 5 pt and 2 spikes chasing the same doe... they never would leave the security of the thicket just every once in a while u would catch a glimpse of them... things die down for about 5 minutes and i see another small buck to the east slipping through... right after I see him I start grunting and soon after I hear something walking behind me to the SE.... thinking it was the young buck in the thicket closest to me I pay it no more attention and about that time a doe and yearling pop out to my left due south... I grab my bow and get ready for the shot as she comes my way. She starts acting kinda weird like another deer is in the thicket but again I am thinking it is the smaller buck and I am about to wack this doe... well right before I can get a shot she heads down a trail that I can't get a shot on... and that is when it happened.... I hear a deer grunt behind me.... not no little piss ant I"m here to talk some noise and move on, a Hey I'm here to dominate all you son guns and take all your women kinda grunt... and then again... At this time I am afraid to turn around and see what is standing behind me. When I finally get eased around he is standing on the trail that comes by my tree to the north at 30 yds looking at the doe that I almost shot at... This is when my mind goes nuts... there is no way he is going to walk by my tree at 7- 8 yds and not smell me, no WAY!!! well he puts his head down and starts walking and RIGHT before he steps in the hole he stops and starts sniffing the air at 7 yds!!!! Let me remind u dudes there was a south wind tuesday afternoon... and he is 7 yds to the north of my tree... he starts walking again and I draw and when he angles toward the doe quartering to me I put the pin on his shoulder and let the MUZZY do damage... it when in high shoulder taking out the spine where it dipps down and one lung exiting in the guts right under him, and he doesnt take a step but piles up right where he stood when I pulled the trigger on my release.... I grab another one and put it in him for good measure.... and well the rest is historyBigGrin