thwack16  wrote:    Target buck falls to my uncle!

I've been dying to get my hands on this deer since he first showed up on trail cam in early September, and he became a regular at the feeder until we stopped feeding in late October. We named him 5x7, for lack of a better name to describe the abnormals on his right beam.

Once the feeders were pulled, we had a hard time locating him over scrapes and we all began to fear that we would once again have a big buck get away from us, as we have had terrible luck with the big boys we get on cam.

Finally, I was able to get a picture of him the night of December 13, working a scrape over a mile away.

From the time I pulled the card on the 17th,, someone sat the big grass patch, the scrape was located behind, every evening but two. We all figured it was just a matter of time until a doe pulled the big boy out there in daylight. On New Years day at 4:40, he did just that and my uncle was able to hold it together and put a perfect shot on him with the .260.

He taped out at 154.5", shattering our previous best on the farm by 18".

He had 12 scoreable points, 17.75" spread, 25.5 and 25.75" main beams.

Oddly, between the tine measurements and mass measurements, each beam totaled to 68.375.

Congrats Mark! Glad you got him!