dosse  wrote:    Dynamite falls to the bow on New Years

This new years day will certainly be one I won't soon forget. Not only was it a date to remember (1-1-11), but it was also the day a plan that I put together last week culminated in killing a deer I have been wanting to bow kill since the first day of season. I have had dynamite on camera on and off since may and as off a week ago I hadn't gotten him on camera or seen him since October.

But last week on Christmas morning while putting out some cams I rode the four wheeler up on a deer I thought was him. He was at the opposite end of the place from where I was getting him in the summer and early bowseason. This area of the property has been dreadfully slow for deer sightings so we really haven hunted up there much. I decided to put a camera in a small bow field I like to hunt in the area where I saw him and see what turned up. Sunday afternoon I hunted a long food plot right where I saw him Christmas morning and at black dark a buck walked out at 300 yards and I knew it was dynamite and I decided I was not gonna shoot him with a rifle it was gonna be bow or bust on him. Tuesday night I checked the cam in the small food plot as a rain was coming and I needed to get fresh batteries in it to make it through the week. Low and behold dynamite had been in the plot chasing does from 4:30- dark that afternoon. Using this knowledge I planned to hunt the field Saturday and just chance encountering him again. Finally Saturday arrived and I climbed in the stand at 1:45 to make sure I didn't spook anything and the wait began. At 5 I had seen 5 does and yearlings and a small seven point. The does were out feeding in the plot at 60 yards when suddenly they began looking back the way I came in. I could tell they were real jumpy and suddenly they all flagged and ran out of the field. I thought great a coyote or something must have walked by behind me and that the hunt was over. I started getting my back pack ready and packing up a few things getting prepared to leave and I looked back the way the does had been looking and here comes dynamite leading a spike straight to my plot. He was gonna pass on a levee at 33 yards. I immediately grabbed my bow and got ready but as he came to the first opening I have he stopped and stared at the stand. I thought he was about to spook but he suddenly countinued on. The problem was that now he took a 45 degree angle away from me. I knew he was about to walk out of range so I drew back and as he hit my shooting lane I stopped him. I knew from previously ranging the area that he was at least 40-45 yards so I dropped the 40 yard pin on him and let it go. I felt like I pulled the shot and I was super shook up. I heard the arrow hit but I didn't see the impact and thought by the way I shot I may have blown it. He ran to 100 yards and stopped and looked back at me and I thought I could see a hole mid body. He then walked another ten yards or so where I could only see his rack and he just stood there for prob 2 minutes or more then the rack disappeared. I was pretty sure it was him goin down And after retrieving my arrow I was confident the shot had been lethal. I played it safe and waited til this morning to go look and I walked straight to him. There was an incredible blood trail from impact to where he tipped over. The shot entered at about the third rib from the back and exitted 6 inches behind the offside shoulder. The rage 2 blade didn't let me down. I was certain he was a pope and young but he came up short on the tape of even grossing it. He scores right at 125 and has only 7/8 inches of deductions. This season has again been amazing, taking my two best bow bucks in one season and a nice gun deer. What an amazing way to start 2011!!