msforester  wrote:    My first buck of 2011 and best hunt ever!

My dad picked me up this morning and told me we were gonna hunt his favorite spot, we were gonna hunt it together, and I was gonna kill a buck. I asked him why and he said he had been thinking about all the memories from my childhood of me and him hunting together. He said we were gonna make a new one this morning. I was thinking that it was a great idea, but could it really happen?? We were sitting on the side of a ridge looking over a big creek bottom just like old times. We hadn't been there 45 minutes when this awesome buck came out running a doe. I looked at him and said, "here comes a shooter get your gun". He told me NO!His plan was for me to shoot and told me to take the shot. I felt like I was 12 again and I can tell you it was a great feeling. It was my best hunt to date and one I will never forget. Thanks dad for all you do!!!! What a great hunt!!!!!