huntersmky  wrote:    "Big Nasty" - Target buck story and pics

Well the plan finally came together for once in my life. The history began with this deer on December 26th. I went to a place my sister and I own that we call 48 just East of Marks to put out some cameras when I jumped two does on a ditch bank and this big boy stood up behind them(not 100% sure it was this guy but I’m almost positive). I couldn’t tell he was a freak at this time but I did know he was a shooter immediately. He only presented me with his right side as he slowly walked off. I watched him walk off at a little over 200 yards before disappearing in the woods. I put the cameras out on a beat down trail going into some hardwoods from a CRP Field where the deer were murdering the acorns for weeks. Every time I went to this spot I saw 9+ deer on an average hunt from daylight to dark. Well I went back in on Monday and hunted from 12 to dark and pulled both of my memory cards out of the cameras. I had 3 bucks on camera but the one that stood out the best was this guy. He was licking the camera in the first picture and all that you could see was his right side and the mass that it carried through out the main beam. The other 4 pictures were very blurry but you could tell the deer was nasty on his left side. I didn’t have a single picture of him after December 26th which is when I encountered him once in person and the other time on the camera.

I immediately got excited and knew the buck would come in there sooner than later because these woods were a funnel for food and a bedding area for the deer in the area plus there is 0 pressure on this place. My brother in law and I stared at the picture for close to an hour in awe of what all this deer had on his rack and that is when he got the name “big nasty”. We knew he had 8 score able points on one side and we had no clue what the other side was. I climbed my tree at 6:05 yesterday morning and the wind was dead wrong for the spot. I sat till 11:30 and only saw one doe. I climbed down and ate a sandwich at the base of my tree before deciding to move on to the other side where the wind would blow my scent to the gravel road and away from food and bedding area. I sat next to a big swamp oak overlooking a green field and a bean field and a hard wood draw in b/t two low spots that are generally under water. At 1:35 I saw a 145+” slick ten that I have been hunting but I couldn’t get him to stop long enough to get what I thought was a clear shot at him. My brother in law sent me a text and asked if I was still hard at it and I told him yeah with no luck yet and he said “stick with it, he will show up”, that’s all the encouragement I needed because for anyone that know Trip, he is very genuine and I just had that feeling that today was the day. I saw 4 more does around 3:30 and at 5 I was glassing a field when he popped up out of the corner of my binoculars. He was already 10 yards into the shooting lane and at 75 yards he didn’t have a clue I even existed. The wind was hitting me dead in the face and it couldn’t have been a more perfect scenario. I belly crawled around 15 yards to a persimmon tree and got it on him and squeezed the trigger. He ran out in the middle of a field and it was picture perfect. I knew he was about to tip over at any minute but he made it back into the hardwood draw just out of my site. I got up and ran to the last spot I saw him and the blood was very very spotty and I was getting worried because spotty blood is not a good thing from my past experiences with big deer. I got down on my knees and prayed to the good Lord to “please let me find this deer if I never see or shoot another buck in my lifetime”. I walked into the woods and he was piled up 10 yards from the field. He has 17 points that are all close to an inch and 21 total points that you can hang a ring on. Right main beam is 26”. His left briar tine splits in half and he is going to make a beautiful mount. The deer only weighed 153 pounds which is very unusual for a delta deer. I’m curious to pull his jaw bone to see exactly how old he is. Having him officially scored tonight.

Somehow in the process of taking pictures, the trail cam pictures got deleted from the SD card by my mother who is not technologically savvy. Makes me sick to my stomach! Enjoy, there is NO BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD than killing the deer you are in there after. The only feeling better than this is the day I held my son for the first time.

Pictures do this deer no justice.