Drbozeman  wrote:    Trey's buck

Anyway, on Dec. 3, 2010 my son Trey Bozeman was blessed with taking an eighteen point buck on our farm in Flora. We had been seeing this buck since mid October and my brother Harvey had several close encoutners with the buck, just not close enough for a bow. My nephew had hunted for this deer a few times and Trey had been out for him just once before this final hunt.

On that Friday the kids were out of school and we had the perfect wind for our favorite bow hunitng spot or to try for the "Big Boy". I told Trey those were the two places we would go and told him to choose. He said he wanted to go for the "Big Boy".

I dropped him off at his stand at about 2:45 pm and I went around to the other side of the wheat field hoping to take a doe or two with my bow. (Thanks DMAP!) I had walked to my tree and climbed up. I had all of my gear stowed and was just about to hang my bow on a hook when I heard a rifle shot. I knew it was Trey and I knew there was only one deer he would be shooting at. That was about 3:25 pm. My heart was racing with excitement and in just a few minutes I recieved a text message from Trey saying "I shot him". Of course my next question was, "Did you hit him good." and he replied, "Yes Sir", telling me that the deer jumped straight up when he shot and then ran off. I still made him wait 45 minutes before he went to look for him. Over the next litte while we had an almost constant conversation via text messages.

I climbed down at 4:00 and made my way to the Jeep and then drove over to Trey's stand. On the way I happened to look at my phone, which I had left on vibrate, and I saw a text from Trey that read, "Answer your phone!". I called him and he told me that he had just found the deer and was he ever excited! When I got to him, the first words out of his mouth were "He's huge. Daddy he is huge!". And that was one of my most memorable days afield. Not getting to see this fine deer but watching the happiness, excitement and smiles of my son and he was telling me every detail of what happened on the hunt, while we were walking to where his trophy lay.

The "story" of what happened on the hunt is really short and simple. He had not been sitting on his stand long when he saw several does running throught the pines. Then he caught a glimpse of the sun shining on something moving through the woods. It was the left side of the big deer's rack. Then he saw there was another buck, a nice eight point was walking in front on the big deer. They moved through the woods getting closer to Trey. When "Big Boy" got to a road in the woods it stopped and looked toward the wheat field. As soon it stopped Trey placed the crosshairs on the deer's chest and squeezed the trigger. The deer jumped straight up and then took out running. Trey told me as the deer was running off that it was stumbling and he knew it would not go far. It only ran about 60 yards from where he shot it, but it went down a hill and into some thick brush so he did not see him go down.

18 points
179.5 gross (unofficial)
19 3/8" inside spread
22" main beams
5 4/8" and 5 3/8" bases
218 lbs
5.5 yrs

Thanks to God for family, friends and all of His creations that He lets us enjoy!
D. R.