chevy01234  wrote:    Good hunt this past weekend..

We had an absolute blast this past Friday night and Saturday morning at Mallard Manor for our Counselors Hunt. We had a great meal Friday night then an informal worship service. After that my group went and brushed our blind for in the morning. I really appreciated them doing that and letting me head back to town since I had not slept much the night before and was worn out. They got it brushed about 1:30 in the morning and all their hard work paid off a few hours later that morning! I got back to the Manor at 515 the next morning and we divided up into 3 groups, 7 in the group I was in, 6 in another group and a group of 4. We headed to the timber a short ways from the Manor and got in the blind. It didn't take long and the ducks started hitting the water in front of us. At legal shooting time, we knocked down several birds. The tornado of Gadwall trying to get into that hole was unbelievable! We shot our 7 man limit by 8:00 or a few minutes after 8. Our ducks consisted of Mallards, Gadwall, Wood Ducks, Greenwing Teal, and a Bluewing Teal. We got back to the Manor and took our pictures and waited for the other groups who all also limited out. 17 total limits that morning but the ducks were just a bonus. These guys have become great friends over the past couple of years to me and I really enjoyed getting to hang out with them for the hunt! Here are a few pictures!

Our group

Everybody but two brothers who were there, they had to get back to town due to a family member being in the hospital.