urbanbucks  wrote:    Another one bites the dust-aaah

Got in the stand this AM on a beautiful hardwood ridge about 6:15. Took me a while to get set up with my camera arm, muzzleloader, bow, pack etc. Settled in and felt confident because the wind was finally calm and it was purty cold this morning. About 7 o'clock I heard footsteps coming up behind me. A quick glance and I knew it was a buck. I sat for another couple seconds to see if I wanted to stand up. I decided he was worth getting ready for and stood up just in case. It took me a second to separate my bow from my muzzleloader because my gunsling was hung up, but he was walking pretty slow. I did the best I could with my camera arm but he picked up his pace approaching my shooting lane so I was a little rushed and didn't have time to zoom. I knew my sight was still set on my 30yd mark and I stopped him at 20, held low and let the M7 eat. It was a quick spinal tap and he was down kicking. I waited a bit but he didn't look like he was going quick so I decided to put another arrow in him so he didn't lay there and suffer. All I had was neck shot from back to front so I held just under his jaw line and put it through the windpipe. He didn't last much longer after that. 15.5" inside, 19 5/8 and 20" mainbeams, 202lbs. Didn't check the bases yet but they're between 4.25/4.5.