tombstone  wrote:    trash

Just could not resist the trash. Main frame 9 plus 3 drops. Took three days off last week and did some shooting. Buck, 2 hogs, and 5 doe in three days (dmap for you internet game wardens) Forgot to take pics of three of the doe .
I passed a deer middle of last season that had a broken drop. I have really wanted to kill a deer with a drop and hoped that I would see the deer with the intact dropt tine this yr. First day I hunted this property I passed an 8 with a 6" droptine. IT was a a young deer and just not a deer that should be killed. The third day I hunted it, I saw this deer at 364 yds and saw the drops. I did not have a clear shot so I made a stalk and got within 50 or so yds but could not see him. Another big 8 popped out, but i held steady and in a few minutes he popped out of the cattails. DRT.