EARL1989  wrote:    Killed my first pope & young

Killed this buck this afternoon. He came out around 5 working a scrape 15 yards away had ten other does in the field and had to wait till the right chance to draw back and gig him. He got out to 35yards and the G5 tekan did work on him. I am pretty sure he will go pope and young spread is only 16 3/4 but has one 13" g2 and the other is 14". His g3's are both a little over ten. Trying to determine if I should mount him or not, kinda dissapointed on spread but he has mass to make up for that with one base at 5 3/4 and the other 6". He was killed on 800 acres I have permission to hunt in yazoo that is bow hunt only. Any ideas on score? Do yall think he is pope and young?