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This mornings hunt didnt last very long in reality but the lead up to killing this deer can go back as far as two months. Two months ago this guy showed up on my trail cam at a mineral site. He was fresh out of velvet and i knew i would love to kill as i would with any nice buck but in all actuality i figured i would never see him to get the chance. Well he visited the site maybe five times through september and october usually for 10-15 pictures and always in the middle of the night. I had a few other 130 class deer on this same camera and had a loc on positioned right near the lick as it is just off of a food plot and the deer travel through the small strip of hardwoods even when the minerals are not really drawing them in. I hunted the mineral site stand a few times early season trying to take advantage of the early season pattern visiting the salt lick. I saw the same spike everytime and a few does. I ended up moving on and began hunting another area for a while and basically wrote the area off because even though nice bucks were consistently on camera they were always in the middle of the night and the sign that i would like to see just wasnt there.

Here is where it all got interesting and i made the move that ultimately killed this buck. Two weeks ago after talking to ryan i decided to go back to the mineral stand and sit it out. That next morning i headed in to the loc on with my grunt call and rattling bag and decided i was gonna try to shake them up a little bit. After the first thirty minutes i grunted a few times and did a little rattling sequence followed by some more grunting. About ten minutes after i finished i looked to my right in the food plot lane and two does had slipped in on me. All of the sudden i hear more deer coming and a doe charges across running and stops looking back, this happens with two more does in a row and then here he comes. It ended up being a 120 class nine that i had on camera all summer. He wasnt a shooter, but what he did directly led to me killing my big deer. He walked straight down that food plot lane like all the does did and even if i wanted to i couldnt have shot him or the does. So after they cleared out, i moved the stand about sixty yards to a tree where i could shoot the plot in case it ever happened again. I finished hanging it about 1030 that morning after my hunt and left it.

That brings me to this morning, I actually woke up this morning about ten minutes before my alarm clock sounded off. Unlike most mornings i was not tired at all. I laid there a few minutes and debated on going since i had to go to work at 9 but it didnt take me long to decide to give the deer a try. The wind was right for the stand i had moved the weekend before and i knew after seeing that frisky three year old the weekend before that that was where i wanted to be perched. I arrived at the place a little later than normal and i hurried to get all my gear together and started hoofing it in. As i got to the Wheat lane where my stand was hung, a thick fog hung over the field making it tough to glass for deer that might be lurking in the predawn glow. As i arrived at my tree i blew a doe and a fawn out that were to the left of my stand. She bounded away with a snort and ran out of hearing. I of course thought "Oh thats a great start, thats what you get for being late". I hooked up my alphamax to the pull up rope and started my climb to my 17 foot overlook and was ready to spend a few hours doing what i love before i had to punch the clock. I got in the tree hooked up my harness and started trying to screw in my realtree easy hanger, which of course wouldnt start into the tree without a sledge hammer. I gave up and just hung it on a screw in step on the back of the tree. I finally pulled my bow up took my quiver off and nocked an arrow. After about ten minutes of letting everything settle i decided to let loose a few grunts on the buck roar mainly based off my experience the week before. I grunted six times in various directions and really wasnt even paying much attention, when all of the sudden i caught a dark colored figure and a hint of antler sticking out of the crp on the edge of the lane. I knew it was a buck but honeslty had no reason to believe it was a shooter. I raised my binoculars and it took all of 1/100th of a second to glimpse the deers right beam to know i was looking at the wide ten. I instantly stood up as his focus was away from me and he seemed really nervous. I knew at this time if he gave me a shot that it was going to be to my right so i began the ever so slow act of shifting my feet to turn around in mt stand. As i began to shift mud began to fall off my boot to the ground. The bucks head whipped my way showing off all the air between his mainbeams. I immediatly froze, after a few second he again began looking down the lane away from me and then made three steps angling my way. I couldnt believe this was about to happen, this deer was about to walk the lane and come by me somewhere between 20 and 40 yards. Well i mentioned he seemed on edge earlier, as soon as he made the turn angling toward me he busted out in a trot coming. As he did i began drawing my bow and shuffling my feet at the same time. Im assuming he again heard the dirt falling from my boots because he stopped just before entering my one shooting lane and looked my way for a few seconds. I just knew he was gonna run out of there wide open and end it all but miraculously he turned his head and started a fast walk through my hole. He was almost on the 40 yard edge of the plot, around 36-37 yards and i was anchored at full draw awaiting his next move. He was so edgy i decided i wasnt gonna risk stopping him so i held steady constantly telling myself DO NOT BLOW THIS!!! As his shoulder hit my pin i let the arrow fly, it was as if time slowed to a crawl, the arrow looked as if it were in slow motion and with a smack it struck him nearly perfect on the seam of the shoulder. He had no clue what had happened and ran out into the crp about 70 yards and stopped. I looked through my binoculars pleading in my mind for him to please go down but he remained standing almost as if unphased by the arrow that had just tore through his vitals. I began questioning everything. Was the shot were i thought it was? COuld the Head have malfunctioned? Why why why wont he FALL!! All the second guessing disappeared though as he finally began ringing his tail and began to swoon to the left then back to the right. I knew then for the first time in my life that the gig was up and an incredible prize lay 70 yards away. I played it safe and slipped out for an hour waiting on ryan and my dad to come assist me and help calm my shaken nerves. I eased back in, arrow on the string and slipped to where i saw him disappear. There wasnt a moment of anxiety because as soon as i got close i could see the beam sticking up. He ended up grossing 137 and looks like he will net in the low 130s. He is a perfect ten pointer with a 19 5/8 inch spread all sprouting from a gigantic 240 pound body. He appears to also be a 5.5 year old buck. Im beyond excited, and still cant believe it finally happened to me. Its amazing how a deer season can change in single minute or even second. RIP Wide 10.

Here he is right where he i found him

and a few more

Me and Ryan

Me and dad