Trey  wrote:    Illinois droptine buck 13pt

I was fortunate enough to arrow this 5.5 or 6.5 yr old in illinois on saturday morning... If you were in illinois last week, you know the weather was terrible... we stayed after them hard and eventually was able to get a good buck on my first illinois trip... This buck came out of a brush thicket into an alfalfa field around 8am lookin for does and he found my decoy I had set up 15 yds in front of me and he circled around the decoy and presented me with a 45 yd shot and I was able to get some vitals... He ran about 80 yds and piled up... Once I saw the mass and droptine, I knew he was a shooter so I hit my can call and he saw my decoy and I was lucky enough to get him to come into distance... Although the weather was hot, we had a great trip and can't wait to go back next year... 19.5 inches wide and scored 152... He was on his way down and I wish I could have seen him last year!!! But I'll take it!