preachaman  wrote:    Lil preach did it!

I took my 6 year old son Beau on his very first deer hunt today. We were set up in a ground blind, hunting over a bio-logic plot, and he was using a .223! I didnt know how things were going to go, considering this was his first time! Well, it went well!! At 4:50pm, the coolest hunting experience of my life took place! I look up and this young fella entered the plot...I got Beau set up and ask him, "can you see him in the scope"...he answered, "yes sir"! I said "ok bud, just sqeeze it real slow"! Wham...hammered him at about 60 yards...long story short, he ran in a cut over and we went in 4 hours later with a world class track dog, got it done, and hauled him out! I understand now, why you guys get so excited to see your kids kill one...NOTHING, AND I MEAN NOTHING, I ever kill will duplicate the feeling of watchin my LIL BUDDY SMASH ONE...all i can say is, AWESOME!!!!