strutr  wrote:    Big 7

The afternoon started out putting wife in a box stand to deer watch. I got in a climber on a road going out the back of the food plot. Around 5:30 I start to hear deer coming through the woods. 2 button heads walk out and feed in the road. Send the wife a text and she is watching them with. They leave and 5 more come up on my left to feed under an oak tree. I get a shot at the big doe and she is smoked. Sit back down send wife text to let her know BDD. She could not see the shot. Well something told me to nock another arrow. Less than 10 minutes I look in the road and a big doe steps out at 12 yards. Send wife a text to look beside me. I look up and 2 bucks are walking down the road to me. The first one has alot of mass with velvet hanging off his horns. The second is a nice 15" 8pt but young. Big boy had a huge body there was no doubt this was a mature deer. He steps where the doe was standing at 12 yards and I introduced him to the Grim Reaper. After the shot wife send text back and she saw the hold thing. The shot looked perfect, but after the recovery of the doe we could not find much blood. We searched for a couple of hours with no luck. This was going to be my second big buck to lose. I was going to quit bow hunting before the other members kicked me out. I could not sleep all night, so at daylight I was back out there with the wife. It was amazing how different the swamp looked in the daylight. After about 45 minutes, I see white belly. It was good to find him, but hate that I lost the meat.
His weight 235# beam lenght 22 1/2" Bases 6 1/4" Inside spread 15 1/4"