urbanbucks  wrote:    Beffore and after...

This deer has taken me for a ride since the day he showed up in July. Well Sunday morning (forgive me PREACH) I took him for a little ride.

This year was my first to try and make a few salt licks. I started them late but was suprised when this dude showed up.

He would show up about every 8-10 days and kept me excited everytime I went to check my cameras.

I moved all my best cameras into the area (sorry for those who don't believe in using trail cameras) to try and pin this boy down and figure out what he was doing.

I hunted this deer harder than any deer I've ever had on camera. I can honestly say it is a whole different ball game when you really try and single out a particular animal. Between getting pics of him and seeing him cross the road several times about 700 yards away from my cameras I thought I had an idea of what he was doing. I saw him twice from the stand from 50-70 yards and moved my climber a couple times in the process. I had settled on what I thought was the ideal tree and hadn't seen him in several hunts. Saturday morning I saw several other bucks crossing under the other tree I had been climbing about 60 yards away. I had a camera set up and got this pic from earlier that morning.

I know one pic isn't a lot to go off of but I kept second guessing myself and it actually turned out for the best in the end. Sunday morning I got in there earlier and unhooked my climber to move it back to my old tree. About 7:15 I had some does comeing in and I was extremely tempted to go ahead and deflate one because I have held off for so long trying to kill this buck. Well I decided to hold off and they slipped on by. About 7:40 I looked up and saw a buck coming that I had seen the morning before so I put my bow down and was digging for my video camera. I was bent over digging in my pack when I heard something close and saw velvet horns coming. Instantly I knew who it was and started reaching for my bow. I'm left handed and he was coming 90 degrees to my left so I was going to have to get turned around somehow. Well he saw me right about the time I turned around and froze. We did the whole two minute stare down, me saying "Are you freaking kidding me?!" quietly to myself; while he was probably thinking "look at this guy 25 feet up a naked pine tree". He stared at me then looked at something passed me, then back to me, then under me. Finally he turned to go back the way he came and I drew back. He paused for a moment and I settled in for a perfect quartering away shot. About that time I noticed a small limb about 6 feet from me and was trying to figure out another angle to shoot. I crouched down, leaned both ways, finally stood on my toes and knew it was now or never. I let it fly and it sounded like you popped a basketball when it hit. He mule kicked and took off down the hill, slowing down about 60 yards before he went out of sight. I was trying to listen for him to fall by my heart was throbbing in my ears so I couldn't hear anything. I waited 30 mins before checking my arrow. It looked pretty good, and had a little grit from the quartering shot. I decided to back out and wait for fullstrut to help me with the recovery and get some decent pics. A little over two hours later we picked up the trail which started out very sparse, then got exponentially better when the deer slowed his pace. The trail got sparse again and we found three beds within a 40 yard stretch so we knew he was hurt bad. After 100 yards or so total we ran into a ditch in some thick privet and lost blood. I decided to back out and wait on Rolltide and his dad to bring a dog. This man drove home from Kosiusko to bring me a dog and I greatly appreciate it. We started the dog off where the arrow was and she ran straight to where we lost blood, zig-zagged for a moment, then went straight up the ditch. She went about 75 yards and I saw Rolltide doing fist-pumps in the air. The deer had been dead for a while and was laying in the ditch. Ofcourse this has been my best season by far because of this deer and all the hell he put me through. If my thoughts were right about where he was going and how he was getting there he was passing by atleast 3 ladderstands on the property line, and my neighbor shoots every evening during rifle season (those one shot kills at 5'oclock). I was worried to death that gun season would come and he would be killed by someone who doesn't care at all about anything but killing. Several times he came by when I was not there in broad daylight. We haven't scored him yet (I will later tonight) but it doesn't matter, I will probably mount him because he's my best bow kill and still in velvet. For those wondering he did appear to have something wrong with his manhood, which I'm sure has everything to do with him still being in velvet.

Thanks again to Rolltide, his dad, fullstrut12, and ofcourse Sadie for going out of their way to find this deer.