time2hunt  wrote:    Four years of Ole One Eye


This was the first time we saw him was during the rut 2007. That afternoon we sprayed a 1/2 bottle of tinks 69, he showed 30 minutes after dark. His left beam was a weird double beam or damaged, one eye

This is him in 2008 on an island in the swamp. Weird left beam, One Eye

In 2009 he had a more typical rack, One Eye

This year he's got some unique kickers. Left beam kicker looks similar to 2008 kicker, One eye
Ole boys age is starting to show in his body or maybe it's all the watermelons and beans he ate this summer :)

The only daytime pics I have of him is when he was in velvet or we assume it's him as the rack looked the same but could not confirm the one eye during the daylight.