JWH28  wrote:    Buck Down


Got on stand 45 mins before light this morning. I was hunting a deer hwy between some feed trees (sawtooth} and thick bedding area. It took awhile to lighten up this morning due to cloud cover but as soon as it was light enough to shoot, i had a 13" eight walk down trail at 30 yds. I stood just incase something bigger was with the eight because he was acting nervous and looking back every 3 or 4 steps. He moved off and i stayed standing just to be ready. After 15 mins nothing showed up so i went to sit down and off to my left a deer blew and began to run off. I sat there disgusted thinking i may have blown my chance at whatever that eight was nerves about, but heard a deer walking back up the hill from where the deer spooked off. Next thing i see is a deer we call Tight Horn Ten step out about thirty yds out and is walking a trail that goes by my stand at 21 yds. I stand, get ready for shoot, he walks in shooting lane and stop like he read the script last night. 21 yds slightly quartering away, shot and watch my arrow disapear in between ribs. I knew he would not go for, took out both lungs and liver. I watch him pile up at 60 yds out. He's my biggest bow buck, he is a 11.25" wide ten and gross out at 120"