MatthewRTree  wrote:    Ohio movie star

Left for Ohio on September 29th. Was hunting with Joel Snow of Hunt Masters Lodge. Was supposed to start hunting on the 30th but the wind was wrong for our set. Hunted on the 1st and saw zero deer. Oct. 2 rolled around and the rain kept us out of the stand again. We wanted to hunt but my camera did not. Oct. 3, saw 2 does and 2.5 year old 8. Oct. 4th, got on stand around 3:45 pm. Temp was in the upper 50's. No action until around 6 oclock and Joel Snow looks up and says "is this that same buck from the other day comin?" I said "where?", He said "O sh**" He asks me if he was a shooter and I say YES 100%...You only get 1 buck a year in Ohio, resident or non-res, so Joel wanted to look him over for a min. If it wouldn't have been for me pushing him to shoot he wouldn't have shot this buck. Deer steps into this tiny green patch out of a thick standing corn field. We watch him for a few as he is facing and quartering to us at 35 yds. The buck finally turns and Joel lets it fly! We could hear him run a ways into the standing corn and didn't see him fall so decided to wait until morning. Walked right to him the next morning. This deer further proves my point about those 4.5+ year old deer being loners! 2 weeks before the season opener in Ohio there was a 200" 6*6 on this particular farm. That deer vanished and a 10 pt. probably pushing 180" takes over and the 6 by hasn't been seen since (on this farm, kid got pics of him several miles away recently). Then, they both disappear!! Why? bc this 5.5 year old deer we killed moved in. This buck has very rarely had his picture taken. Most of his pictures of him have been from 1.5 miles from where we killed him. The few pics Joel got of this buck he was always way in the background barely visible.This is a very small farm we were hunting with standing corn and beans and It would only hold 1 Dominant Buck. We initially were hunting the other 2 giants I speak of by judging from the hot weather approaching and neither deer showing up on any trail cams night or day, I think we made a great decision!! Great Hunt, Great Deer!