deerhunt1988  wrote:    Public Land Full Velvet 8-Point

Pics aren't the best quality, will have better ones tomorrow morning.

How we found him.

The little bit of velvet he damaged.

I don't know why but I had a feeling about this afternoon. Left school a bit early to scout out an area me and a buddy were planning on hunting one morning this week. I hadn't been to this spot in about 2 years but knew there were some good oaks around there and it was rather thick in places.

Less than 20 minutes after leaving the truck I found acorns covering the ground and a good many deer tracks. Found a great ditch crossing and decided to climb up there for the evening.

About 6:20PM i hear deer coming from the way I walked in. I just knew it was a group of does. My heart still started pounding. Well the first deer walks out and its a small 1 1/2 year old buck...I still heard the footsteps of two other deer and wandered how big of bucks they were..When I saw this guy's antlers through the brush my heart about beat out of my chest. My leg was shaking up and down tapping the bottom of my API!

I literally had to look away for a few seconds. The young buck was coming right towards me and I was afraid he would smell where I walked around or so me. I went over the shot in my head and tried to mentally calm myself down. I saw the bigger buck easing towards a hole and I drew back as slowly as I could. At this time the younger buck was just about 12 yards away. I focused my top pin on a small hole I had. The deers head entered the opening and I still managed to ignore the antlers on his head. I was focused on his shoulder.. When he took another step I let the arrow fly. He was at 24 yards.

I saw my arrow strike the buck high around the shoulder. He whirled and took off running wide open. I saw part of my arrow on the ground, got down and checked it and found this.

I immediately backed out and called my dad to help me come trail the buck.

We gave him 3 hours and picked back up on the trail. The blood was spotty, here and there, and it wasn't looking that good. However I knew that dang buck had 14" of arrow and a broadhead in him. The buck had started veering to the left and I was to the right of the blood trail. My dad spotted him about 30-40 yards from the last bit of blood we found. There wasn't even that much blood around the buck.

My arrow entered high right at the back edge of the front shoulder and somehow managed to deflect and travel directly back in the deer. It took out part of a lung, the liver, and entered in the guts. The damage that thunderhead did was amazing. The deer ran about ~110 yards.

I did not even know the buck was in full velvet when I shot. It was just one of those instances where you know he is instantly a shooter and ignore the rack til hes on the ground.

He is my best bow buck by far. All I have ever killed is a few 1 1/2 year old bucks back when they were legal.

To say I am tickled to death is an understatement! Will definitely be getting this guy mounted.

Not a bad way to start the season off with my new Monster 7, eh?