Sea-Donkey  wrote:    The Gator Mafia survived the 2010 season...4 weekends in a row with pictures

We survived an exciting and exhausting 4 straight weekend season this year. It was never our intent to do all 4, but the new raffle system got us by surprise and we don’t believe in wasting draws. We ended up catching 69.083 feet of alligator and everyone we caught was a blast. Thanks to Stump and the entire MDWFP crew for everything (except making us drive to Ward Bayou with nothing to tag ). Met several forum members in person this season including Smoke, Gatorman, and several of team Amos Moses’ crew.

Here’s a summary week by week:

Pearl #1: Got a small runt early by snatch hook and settled for a 7’7” for gator 2 on night 2 after several missed opportunities

Pearl #2: Lots of vegetation to deal with. Had to release a 7.5 footer (snatch hook) and later shot a small runt with a miraculous bow shot thru bushes. Night two harvested a 9’10” that tried to get into the boat with us.

Goula #1: Crossbowed a 6’3” and 6’9”. Both looked smaller in the grass. Spent the 2nd half of Saturday night chasing an 11 footer that gave us chances early but got squirrelier by the hour.

Goula #2: Leaving that 11 footer out there gave us motivation for the last weekend. We blind cast at what we thought was a 7 footer and he ended up being a monster. A couple of hours later snagged another grown man that we thought was smaller. Got him in the tail and he gave us our money’s worth. Took 3 rods and we ended up exhausted after fighting this dude. Went out Saturday night and spent 3 hours and only saw one 4 footer that came off the hook before we could snare it. We threw in the towel and admitted finally being defeated by the runt rule. But we had a blast and already had meat in the freezer, so no one was too upset.

Casualties for the season: 2 spotlights, 2 rods, 1 reel, 5 treble hooks, 1 snare broken, 1 snare damaged, 1 bow release, 1 rear navigation light, 1 hook/measuring stick chewed up while trying to remove a snare…and only 1 person hooked in the side of the head.

Looking forward to 2011…got some gear to replace between now and then.
Pictures in this post to make the text easier to read.