Porter  wrote:    MO bearded hen down

Well our fall season started on October 1st and today I was fortunate enough to harvest a bearded Hen. My first bearded hen ever. I owe Morgan a lot of thanks for bagging this one. He's given me some very helpful hints and suggestions and I put them to use today. He was the first person I called after the harvest Flapper

Used Chaos (name of Morgan's box), KP Calls new trumpet design (I believe his first harvest with this design), and Charlie Parrish's longbox.

I've done some stupid things this weekend (like slam my shooting hand in the passenger side door) and almost spooked this flock by taking a potty break at the wrong time. The wind was howling big time today and I heard this flock clucking. I thought it was a long ways away, but they were heading into my calling already. Luckily some quick thinking and calling kept most the birds in the field. Called them right up and took this bearded hen.

Figured this would get some of you Mississippi boys blood going since your season hasn't started yet!

Thanks Morgan for all the advice and ole Chaos came though LOL