rbhc1  wrote:    I've had a pretty good weekend!

I got a nice doe yesterday afternoon. At 5:00 this afternoon I saw 3 bucks headed down the hill in my direction to eat under the white oak trees that I was hunting. There was a nice 7 pt in full velvet in the front but he looked like a 2 yr old. This buck was second with a spike in the back. They got to 40 yards and was feeding my direction when the 7 and this buck bedded down around 5:30. Just before 6 the 7 pt got up and started heading toward the water hole that was 150 yards or so behind me. He passed at 30 yards and I knew if this deer did the same I would have a good shot at him. The seven had just passed by and I thought that he was gonna wind me before I could get a shot at this buck because he was still bedded at 40 yards. Fortunatly he didn't wind me and this guy stood up, shook off and barreled down the hill toward the seven. He stopped at 25 yards slightly quartering away and I sent my arrow on it's way. The spitfire found it's mark and I watched him pile up 75 yards later.