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Got a 12-7 monster last night on a private land permit in Yazoo county. An unbelievable experience to say the least .


The coupe de graw was a load of #8s at about 12 inches from a 12 gauge. We cut the motor at around 100 yards out and started pursuit with the trolling motor at full speed. We were able to close the gap after a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile chase to casting distance to which he promptly responded by going under. The caster took a guess and threw about 20-30 yards ahead in the direction he was traveling and just plain got lucky and sank a hook in him. I'm guessing he pulled us around about 15 or 20 minutes before he laid on the bottom. Then we were able to get another hook in him. He took off and this time swam under a log. This was evident because he was stripping out line and the line was going straight down. He surface 50 yards ahead still stripping line from both poles. Finally he laid on the bottom again. That's when we decided to cut one line and hand off the still hooked line to a man on the bank. Then the boat driver positioned the boat and remaining caster over the last surface siting. Sure enough the gator came up for air again and the caster was able to get the other hook in him (one hook from a man now 100 yards back standing on the bank and another hook from a man in the boat directly over him). This stripping line and coming up for air/back down to laying on the bottom repeated itself about 1/2 dozen time. But each time we got a little closer. Finally we were in snare distance. After a couple of misses we had to regroup and modify the snare. The loop was not big enough to fit over his head. Once that was resolved we were successful in getting the snare on. So now the boat driver was able to get back to the bank and pick up our other man to help in dispatching the gator. With that snare on it was just a matter of wearing that gator down to nothing. This process took no longer than 15 minutes and we able to ease his head into position for a perfect point blank shot. After the shot all his air came out in a huge bubble stream and he sank like a rock. We then pulled him over to the bank and thats where the real work started. We had to drag the boat into this body of water because there was no boat ramp. It was only a 14 foot jon boat which barely had room for the three of us. So the picture below is the best we could do in getting him loaded without sinking the boat.