jaybuller  wrote:    Coonhound training pics

took my 5 month old pup out for the first time this mornin with a live trapped coon. SHe knew what to do right of the bat. with no help from grandady.... i brought him along though just incase and he had a little fun too. after i made a couple drags with the whole trap and she dun real good on i put her in the dog box and let that little bugger go in the hay feild. it ran about 300 yards across the wide open field and i turneed her out on it. she found it about 300 yards in the field bayed it for a minute then ran it up the tree by the pond. (witcvh made for some great pictures.....heck even my bird dog got in on the action a little.... i think shes gonna turn out to be a great one. and shes loud!!!!