YatYas  wrote:    Orange Beach trip

Trailed the boat to OB with hopes of busting the grouper for the freezer, then troll/booze cruise the beach with bass rods looking for anything that want hook in its mouith.
I pull up to the first grouper spot (had 3 doz pinfish) and drop down...get bit right away but lose it in the rubble (bridge debris @ 70ft). Second drop, small grouper. Third drop, shark. Fourth drop, another shark. Off to gropuer spot # 2. On the way there, I pass a huge loggerhead, get my ling jigs ready and throw it near...nada. Back on track....another logger head, and even bigger than the first. Throw a butterfly jig..get bit this time!! Wooo hooo! says me, I know it's a ling! Putting up a good fight, then maybe not, then 10 ft down, I see it's a foul hooked ramora, about a 3 footer. Oh well, at least my casting accuracy was on par. Good training anyways.
Finally make it to grouper spot #2. Bottom machine is all lit up and I'm excited. But no takers, may have been spade fish...
Oh well, almost time to head for the house so we start heading N. About 3 miles from the pass, we put out some rattle traps on bass rods for some spanish mackeral and kings. Caught many a spanyards and this nice king.
No keeper grouper but still a success!
Till next time.