Todd Macko  wrote:    Making jugs

...just couldn't stand it anymore. I just made up my own batch of 30 noodles. I never did see a picture of the two eyescrew method so I just came up with a version of it that works for me.

I put about 10 foot of line on each.

After trying several different knots, I decided to use this one for my hooks which are circle 5's.

I wound up the line until I had a little more than 3 feet out, wrapped past the side eye and pulled a look through the bottom loop. I pulled the loop over the side eye and pulled the business end tight. It makes for a relatively quick and easy adjusting system for depth.

I used a paper cutter to prepared commercial DOT Reflective Tape into strips and my jet printer to prepare name tags. I mounted the name tags face down on clear packaging tape and back it with a smaller piece of tape to waterproof. I wrapped a short piece of reflective tape around the top cap and a longer piece around the top of the noodle. I then captured the longer piece with my name tag tape.

Barbara and I ran out to throw some out but ended up picking up and running for our lives as a ugly storm cell moved our way.