TheStump  wrote:    MS Alligator Program propositioned by The History Channel

 The History Channel has asked us to film our alligator tagging program for a new tv program coming out next February.  The show topics are unique American items and cultural events. They are filming in MS and south Alabama this week.  I hope we can be successful given the time frame we have to work with. Wish us luck. This could be some very good publicity for the alligators and the alligator program in Mississippi.

 Here we are with Larry the Cable Guy. Spent all day with him and the History Channel. Larry "helped" us capture a 10 footer in a highway near Wade, MS and a 6 footer in a vacant house swimming pool in Ocean Springs. Larry is a nice guy. It was very INTERESTING to say the least.

Here we are during the lunch break at The Shed in Ocean Springs. (phone camera poor quality)

Here is the whole G8R Catchin' Crew

Tieing up the 10 footer that was blocking the highway. Gettin lots of help from LArry.

MEasuring and tagging the 10 footer just before being released.