powderhorn  wrote:    15 Point

I can definitely count 15 points but could have up to a couple more. It's hard to tell but he has split G2's (One of them into 3 points) and what looks like double points off the beam at his G3"s on each side and elsewhere. He has a little waddle looking fat handing under his chest too that I thought was interesting for this time of year. Not that it is needed in order for him to be a target but it would be nice if every point added about an inch from here on out. I think he gross scores pretty well though because of number of points and mass. I honestly don't know how to begin to guess a score. What do ya'll think? He's about 18 yards from one of my stands.

Looks like he's still hanging around a little. Here's a couple new pictures. I believe he has added a nice little bit. If you look at his ears and I think most assume the ears are around 6 inches long then he has added an inch or so and defined some more points. I now think he has at least 17 or possibly 18 points and is probably 20 inches or so tall.

This pic shows his body size pretty well and the mass of his antlers compared to his ears.

This photo was just a couple minutes later after the camera switched from night to day and I think it shows all the points except the brow tines. I zoomed in so it could be seen.

Latest pull. He only came by one time during the last couple weeks but he did give this nice pic to further my anxiety. I think this also gives proof of how much they are still growing into August. He's through now but I bet he's added 2-3 inches on most of his points if you compare to the first pics from a month ago.