Dosse  wrote:    Piggies down

Well the big ones didnt show but the little ones did. My bro inlaw and i got three of the five and hit the fourth im pretty sure. We scouted some other hog sign on the place and eased in beside this corn field at 740 we eased up to an area they cross and were just standing there talking when he stopped me. Even with the wind blowing the corn something was out there. Within a few seconds i was able to pick up the stalks shaking. They were very close but we still werent sure whether it was hogs deer or coons. They were easing towards us and finally we saw black and knew what we were looking at. The wind was perfect and they started to file out of the corn we let them all hit the open waiting for a big one but when we realized there wasnt one we did the ole one two three and fur started flying. It was alot of fun and a good ridence.