cw  wrote:    My nemesis returns

This is the third year we've been chasing this girl. She has proven to be quite the adversary. The first year, she and her cub made an appearance at the trap, and she made a mockery out of us by sticking her head in and then climbing on the trap. Her cub managed to get caught, but was too small to do anything with other than realease. She did manage to draw in a male that was not so cautious and he is now wearing a collar to show for it.

Last year, she and her new boyfried were coming like clockwork. Once again, he got caught and she didn't. She also managed to draw a second male last year, and as a result we put collars on two new males.

Here she is again with what we hope will be a new collared male and we are formulating plans to get one on her as well. Sooner or later, we'll get her...that's what Brad keeps saying anyway. Hope to have some more to post soon.