redspeckable  wrote:    Finally able to go!

Well after almost two months closure on our area in Cocodrie, they finally lifted the ban on us. After reading about this on Thursday afternoon, a plan was put in place to make a run this past weekend. Left Birmingham around 2 on Friday with wife and 2 fishing buddies in tow. The 7 hour trip went smoothly, as we only had to stop 4 times, which is a record for the haul down to the camp. We made it just in time to see a beautiful picture that our creator painted for us as we crossed the river just south of Kenner, La.

A quick evening spent visting with mom and dad and we were in bed by midnight. I woke up 4 times in anticipation for my first trout trip of the year, and was up and at them by 4:30 Saturday morning. Our normal spots are still closed due to the spill, so we would be fishing unchartered areas to the west of us. We left out while still dark, armed with plastics and the last 23 cocahoe minnows to be found in Cocodrie. (which were bought on Friday, everything was sold out and no shrimp were to be found) Our first stop at a rig near the Sulfur Mine produced a hook up for me on the infamous LSU chub, and dad pulled in a double 14" pair on his tandem rig. I thought to myself, this won't take long. Boy was I wrong! Another boat pulled in on the opposite side of us and started throwing live bait. The school moved and we were left picking at one here, one there. We jumped around the area to different wellheads and never struck another school. Ended the morning around 9:30 with 16 trout and a blacktip that hit a cocahoe.

After cleaning the mornings catch, it was time for a boat ride with the boys. They both like to "drive" so we took it easy in the bayous and canals around the camp and went looking for alligators.

We didn't find any gators, but I can't tell you how much I enjoy the excitement on their faces when they are on the water.
I went out by myself on Saturday afternoon for an hour and sight fished for reds. I managed to catch 3 before I realized the tide was bottoming out and I better high tail it. Unfortunately, the water was too low for the trolling motor, so I got the priveledge of push poling out to deeper water. 30 minutes and 200 yards later I finally had enough water to get the big engine to grab and off I went. Made it back to the camp in time to drown a bait with the boys. No takers, but we casted and reeled like there was no tomorrow. The day ended abruptly when one of our cast hooked a rope behind us, and a backlash the size of Texas appeared! :)

We ran upstairs, got cleaned up and had a wonderful dinner. Bedtime was early Sat as I knew we'd be up early and making a long drive back on Sunday.
Sunday we high tailed it back to the same rig we started out at Saturday armed with PLENTY of live bait. Pulled up to the rig and trout were chasing shrimp everywhere. The top-dog and badonka-donk put on a show! :) We had 40 trout by 7:30 when the schoolies moved in. There is nothing better than catching good trout on topwater every cast. It's what you dream of! We probably caught 75 fish to keep our last 10, and headed north at 8:30. Only saw one other boat on Sunday morning. Final talley was 50 fish in 2 and 1/2 hours, and we caught well over 100 that morning. All fish caught on topwater and plastic, except one that I caught on a cocahoe while trying to figure out how to get under the schoolies. He was the big fish of the day, right at 20"s.

Needless to say, it was a great time! I have been dying to get after the trout and the Good Lord finally allowed me to. Who knows if I'll get to go again this year with the oil, but this was a trip to remember. A great father's day with my dad, and a great father's day with my boys. What else can a man want?