conservative  wrote:    Clay peas

One of the easiest, most economical and dependable supplemental summer plots is no doubt peas. They do great in sandy soil and unless there is a horrific weed problem they'll generally outgrow the bulk of the competition and shade most of it out. This is one of two fields of clay peas that I have planted on my place. These were planted on May 13. The size of the plot is slightly less than 1.5 acres. I used one bag of 0-0-60 and 100 lbs of clay peas. Total cost of seed and fertilizer was about $75. You can't get a bag of forage soybeans for much less than that. This plot received about 2 inches of rain in a three day period about 10 days ago and except for a 1/10 of an inch shower on Friday have not received any more before or since. I tried lab lab here last year and that was a bust. gibowhunter has kindled my interest in peanuts and I'm thinking of trying them here next year. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of his peanuts that he's planted.